My clients, family, and friends are always interested in what fresh ideas I, as a landscape architect, have for them that will add something new to their outdoor spaces yet not empty their bank accounts! Here are my favorite 11 ideas for 2011. Enjoy!

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#11 A Pond in a Pot!

No garden is too small for a water feature in a pot.

#10 Cracked Stone Pathways

Re-cycle old stone or broken concrete to create a new pathway.

#9 Mirrors in Your Garden

Mirrors, like water, reflect light around the garden and add a bit of mystery.

#8 Start a Kitchen Herb Garden

Save money and enjoy fresh herbs right outside your kitchen door!

#7 Paint a Wall!

In a day or a weekend you can transform, unify or accent with color that’s not living.

#6 Add a Fountain in One Hour!

Portable spill way fountains make it possible for everyone to enjoy the sound of water in their garden.

#5 Turn Night into Day

Don’t limit your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces to the day time hours only!

#4 Succulents are No Longer a Wall Flower!

Explore the hundreds of succulent varieties that can add new life and interest to your garden.

#3 Enjoy a Meadow Instead of a Lawn

A fresh new look that reduces your water bill, attracts wildlife and reduces your green footprint.

#2 Create “A Secret Retreat”

A secret retreat gives you a private place to relax and enjoy all of your beautiful plants!

#1 Schedule an On-Site or Online Consultation with Kathryn Rue

To Develop customized ideas for your outdoor spaces! Contact us today!