Bungalow Garden, Orange CountyWhen the Watts decided it was time to downsize they found a charming bungalow in Fullerton, California. After remodeling the inside they retained our services to redesign the back yard.  The Watts wanted to install their own landscape but needed a creative plan to follow.  First, two separate step down patios were united into one upper level deck. This created a smooth flowing and spacious outdoor room for alfresco dining, entertaining, and relaxation.  A lower patio was constructed from an eclectic mixture of materials. This is reminiscent of their two homes in Mexico. It allows for overflow table space or a dance floor for their many celebrations and parties.  A custom water feature divides the steps up to the deck while also providing a welcomed seat wall on the lower patio area.  The inspiration for this bungalow garden came from the artistic branch work of the old Brazilian Pepper. We used a wide variety of textures and levels of plant material to play up the fairytale like atmosphere this garden creates.